Brief introduction

Our experience has demonstrated the necessity to provide modern scientific knowledge of business planning as well as to link entrepreneurship and innovation for a successful establishment and operation of Greek businesses.

The main object of Master of Science in “Entrepreneurship” is the acquisition of contemporary knowledge and the development of business planning skills, in order to enable graduates to develop the existing dynamic sustainable businesses or to or build new ones within the modern global challenging environment of rapid transformations and significant opportunities.

MSc in “Entrepreneurship” is the evolution of the postgraduate programme in “New Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development”, which lasted from the academic year 2014-2015 to 2018-2019. Under the view of the most effective targeting of the subject of Entrepreneurship, the Department of Economics collaborates with the new Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly.

MSc in “Entrepreneurship” refers to existing and potential entrepreneurs, business executives as well as young scientists who are interested in entrepreneurship. The programme offers a comprehensive view of the establishment, operation, development and restructuring of business activities, through the view of innovation, the use of available economic and technological tools for development as well as the change management. It provides a balanced mix of theoretical and empirical knowledge and it is based on experiential techniques where students acquire personal and collective experiences through their contact with realistic problems and the interaction with executive managers and entrepreneurs of modern enterprises.

MSc in “Entrepreneurship” incorporates the modern trends in business operation, which concern business networks, local and regional production chains, business clusters, the social economy as well as synergies between research and production activities. Through theoretical and empirical approaches, the programme discusses on the crucial aspects of modern entrepreneurship, such as market structure, good practices, business ethics, leadership, social responsibility and the role of entrepreneurial action for the country, whereas also presents a complete mix of tools and mechanisms for strengthening investment activity.


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